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Tracy Hicks
Raised in the South, Tracy continues to reside and serve in the southern town of Knoxville, Tennessee.  After a successful career in the hospitality industry for 30 years with some of the most successful hotel companies in the world, she felt the call into full time ministry in 2008.  Leaving her familiar world of four-star hotel management, she began her second career serving the homeless and impoverished full time at a regional rescue ministry and shelter.  Working closely with the homeless, hungry and hopeless has proven itself the most rewarding part of her professional journey to date.

She and her husband Rick met in high school, married when she was twenty and have weathered many relationship storms over the past 32 years.  With three daughters, one 'adopted' daughter, and now raising two granddaughters full time, Tracy is a busy Mom with a  vast array of life experiences dealing with and raising girls. Ranging in age from 30 to 8, her home is full of the excitement (and the hormones) that sometimes make for challenging moments!

In addition to her other responsibilities, she runs a very successful culinary arts jobs training program for the underserved in Knoxville.  A 16 week program to help men and women seeking to make positive change in their life, the certification earned gives those without tangible jobs skills an opportunity to make a better life for themselves and their children and connects them to employment, church community and the love of Jesus.  

Encouraging woman through her personal blog, Free Indeed Woman, http://freeindeedwoman.blogspot.com, a little of this and a little of that, the blog has brought her the opportunity to be a guest columnist in her hometown newspaper, The Knoxville New Sentinel, from time to time as well.

Rhonda Quaney

First and foremost Rhonda is a woman wrapped in the grace that has been given her in Jesus. She and her husband Jim love living in the wide open, fresh air, fresh water spaces of Nebraska. Together they have raised three daughters, and have been blessed with five grandchildren all under the age of four!

For years she has had the privilege of leading Women’s Bible Study and seeing real life change happen in women’s lives through the study of the Word and honest relationships.

The Lord has sealed some things upon her heart through tragedy, cancer and life experiences. She blogs out of those broken places made whole, with the goal of “Encouraging The Heart of Women” while seeking the heart of God. She blogs about all that  here.

She has been working with a great team of people at a civil engineering firm for over seven years. Currently she is embracing a sweet new season of life with grown children, schedule changes and working less hours in what she calls her season of  "less money and more life." It is a sweet thing.

Rhonda loves her blue jeans, grande americanos with extra steamed half and half and the taste of homemade bread. She lives to love on people right where they are, pray impossible prayers and lean out hard on the ledge of faith. Some people think it looks a little crazy. Her heartbeats for women to see themselves beautiful and embrace the One who made them so amazing.

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