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  1. Hi!

    My husband and I live in the northeast, 1.5 hrs from the Canadian border! It is beyond cold up here. Sady, this mornings news told about the state of VT, where we live, has less than 10% of its population attending any formal religious institutions! It is less than any of the other 49 states! What a minefield for missionaries. No one seems to want to stay when they come..the pressure to stay and settle in is overwhelming. It's chilly in more than temps here ladies! Our family prayer is to find out where the Lord would have us settle. We've been here for 10 yrs and are miserable. Haven't found a place to worship and we sure have tried. Too liberal for sure! We had to leave a wonderful small group and church family back home because my husband was downsized. We have aquaintances, but no real friends here in VT. Folks pretty much keep to themselves. Thanks for lifting us up!

  2. So sorry to hear this, must be very difficult for all of you. I know what you mean about VT, used to go there a lot, but the atmosphere became so liberal, we didn't like it. May you be the light amidst st the darkness. It seems you are kind of like a missionary...maybe not by choice, but nonetheless you are. God bless!

  3. Still praying for our new friends in Vermont that wrote in February 18. We would love for you to join us on the upcoming Spreecast June 20. Are you on our Facebook Page yet? If not, go to!/groups/351217168302118/ and join us!