Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 3 Choose Joy

It is a twenty minute drive from my home to almost anywhere I want to go. But on a good day. Yes a really amazing day. When everything in the universe is aligned perfect and I hit all the lights just right, I can do it in fifteen minutes.

So too often I leave fifteen minutes before I have to be somewhere. Then I may drive as if I missed my calling as an ambulance driver to arrive two minutes late.

That is what I was doing one beautiful morning. I was singing praises to Jesus one minute and driving like that crazy driver the next. As I sailed down the hill into the valley where the traffic merges into narrow lanes I came up behind  this car. I didn't pay much attention at first. I was singing and tapping my foot to the praise music while the traffic began to crawl down the road. I noticed that drivers were dodging around the little maroon Chevy one after the other. Soon I was the one directly behind this car that stopped for yellow lights and stayed long after the light turned green.


As in 'four blocks later kind of  finally,' I sped around the old vehicle. To my alarm,  I recognized the driver. Worse than this, she is a friend. And if that weren't bad enough she is going to the same place I am.


If there was a rock I could drive my truck under, I would have.

After passing her in a no-pass zone, I added more insult to the situation by running the nearly yellow light. My logic was to put as much distance between us as possible. Well at this point I really didn't have any logic. Soon I had added to my other offenses, speeding.

At church I parked on the opposite side of where I would usually park. As we were getting out and shutting the door, around the corner came Miss Clara. As steady as the proverbial turtle. If I hadn't dug in my spiked heels as I ran across the street she very well would have beat me inside too.

There was not a drop of joy in me as I arrived breathless and embarrassed to the building. Trying to worship in spirit and truth was not going to happen until I dealt with the conviction and guilt that filled my heart.  I knew I was going to have to ask for her forgiveness as soon as I could.

Later I went to her home. Did I mention we are neighbors? We had some small chit chat and then I just blurted it all out to her how embarrassed I was and ridiculous I felt. Well my sweet Miss Clara had no idea it had even happened. In fact she told me, "she thought she was driving really good!"  I assured her that she indeed was driving just fine.

There are lot of lessons the Lord spoke over my heart here. But perhaps one thing I want to do in the crazy days ahead, is to just give people a break.

Mostly we are all doing the best we can at this point aren't we?

So could I just challenge us today? As we drive in our towns, maybe (just maybe) we can extend grace to those people cutting in front of us and honking and waving their body parts.

I know.

I know.

There will be a pop quiz for me soon on that one.

And as we stand in line at the super center store of our choice, behind the lady who is screaming at her child and the person with a stack of coupons, and the cashier that wants to discuss every product she is scanning   - - maybe we can pray for these weary souls who need some real Joy in their lives.
I am speaking to myself  here.

I have choices.
When to leave the house.
When to go buy groceries.
When to choose to have joy instead of letting my emotions own me.

Blessing and laughter and joy for your day!

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