Friday, November 30, 2012

Day Three

My husband just loves Christmas. And it comes out in how he likes to decorate. Outside he strings lights everywhere. In the daylight it looks like large wads of cords. At night it is a blazing ball of light.

Then he moves inside to deck-the-halls of the house. He loves the Christmas tree to have a prominent place with all the trimmings! He drags out e-v-e-r-y box we have, only to rummage through each one for his favorite things and leave the rest strewn all across the basement of the house.

His favorite decoration is the christmas village. To put it up is really a team effort because it's kind of a major deal. His mom worked at a Christmas store at one time, so much of the collection was a gift. 

Because our five grandchildren are all four years old and and under, we have put the village up on the soffit above the upper cabinets the last few years. It's enchanting with all its blinking lights and moving parts and really does help fill the house with the wonder of the season.

Free Christmas Printable

All the decorating can be fun. But the True Wonder of the season is Jesus.

I want to always keep Him the focus of our home and holiday.

This sweet subway art is a nice addition to any decor. You can frame and display in your own home or give as a gift. 

"Every good and perfect gift is from above." Oh may we all keep this in the center of our lives these busy days.

More Joy For Your Journey!

Rhonda ♥ 

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