Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Session 2 Launch

Welcome (in)courage community seeker! 

It's TIME for Session 2 of  (in)couragers!

Oh my goodness we are glad you are H-E-R-E!

Can we just tell you a little about this sweet group of ladies?

This quote from (in)courage web site:

“This community needs women who will reach out, connect, 

share, love on, pray with, follow up, laugh, cry, shout, and

celebrate with one another.”  

Isn't that what we women are all looking for?

And this group is a safe place for you to be your beautiful, amazing selves. No perfection,  no self-promotion, no guys. Just women who have a call on their hearts to connect with other women who love Jesus.

Oh my! Can we just celebrate with chocolate or your choice of treat already!?! 

If this sounds like a place that you would like to hang out, then please do a couple things that would just bless us and those who are part of this community!

First:  Have you joined (in)courage? Would you take a minute to jump over and register? Pretty please with Italian meringue on top. And thank you!  

Second: Would you join this blog site? Then updates will be dropped quietly into your e-mail so you don't miss a thing! This blog is the "home" for the group,   where we can give cool stuff away, share hearts through writing and we even have a beautiful spot where you and others in this community can share about themselves! Having a 'blog home' also gives ladies who don't do Facebook an opportunity to be part of this!

Third:  To join our private facebook group you simply send an email  to  rhondatracy7@gmail.com or go here! This private setting gives us a safe place to interact with each other. Almost daily for this session that is where we meet to love on you, pray for you and encourage your socks off!

Yaa!!!! That's it. Easy as 1-2-3!!! We are set to go!

What can you expect from (in)joyful service?

  • We will be posting once a week here on the blog and often daily in our private Facebook group from February 12th to April 28th

  • We will pray for you and desire that you will be praying for each other.

  • We will be addressing relevant topics, from a biblical viewpoint, that you can help choose. =]

  • Tracy and I will be available for personal accountability and prayer.

  • We will enjoy laughter and hugs and virtual muffins with your choice of happiness in a cup.

  • We will help you connect to the larger (in)courage community.

For more information and to see additional groups to choose from, click here for the main page of the (in)courager communities.

We are so excited to be a part of this launch and can’t wait to see what Jesus is up to!

Looking forward to meeting you!

Rhonda and Tracy

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