Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Real Life Virtual Friends

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I love to sit with friends over a favorite cup of comfort and just talk and laugh and hug.

Lots of hugs.

Sometimes my husband reminds me that not everyone is a "hugger." But I do my best to help non-huggers get over their un-comfortableness, by wrapping my arms around them. 

So when we set off on the journey of virtual friendship here, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical of how real friendships could happen with a 'huggie' person like me -behind a screen, miles apart from my new "friends." 

It's crazy. But Session 2 of (in)couragers is half way over.

I don't want to bring sad news on this beautiful Tuesday, but it seems like a good time to take a look at where were began and what we would like to see happen before this session is over.

Tracy and I prayed for you ladies before you even found your way to this group. It is sweet to see how the Lord answered those prayers. 

We've been surprised by who the Lord brought to this place. Pleased to see you love on each other. Stretched  and honored to serve women in this way. 

One of our (in)courage leaders, Stacey Thacker posted some information on what it could look like to interact in a group. I have taken the liberty to alter it for our group. Would you add to the list? 

Ways To Engage In An Online Group:

Since women engage in different ways.....

  • Ask questions - some will answer.

  • Invite "likes" - some will do this.

  • Ask for prayer requests - many will give one, especially if you ask them to pray for the person who just left a request.

  • Share our lives via pictures and their words.

  • Post a quote or a verse. (some women just want words to encourage their hearts that apply to their season)

  • Pray for those who don't step out from behind the screen. It's ok that they don't. And maybe they are just too shy to ask.

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Our group is a safe place for all women to experiences heaps of grace, be loved on, pray for each other, a place where doors are open and hearts are accepting.

It is all about women connecting.  


~What has encouraged you the first six weeks?

~What are your ideas?  

~What would encourage you over the next few weeks? 

~How can we encourage each other while it is still today?

So I'm passing you a virtual cup of tea and a warm plate of cupcakes this morning. - Gather around the table & share with us what's going on in your world how we can pray for you today!

{And by the way. I am convinced that what is happening in our group is important. And that you are AMAZING.}

I'm so glad to be your real life virtual friend.

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Love and Hugs and Cupcakes!!!

O.K.  O-N-E more hugggggg!


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