Sunday, November 4, 2012

17 Days Of More Joy For Your Journey

Recently a friend was excited to tell me she was making a few changes in her life. The thing that she was so thrilled to mention was how she was giving up sugar for 17 days. She proceeded to tell me that the experts are now saying you can form a new habit in seventeen days instead of twenty-one. Well I had not heard that, but if seventeen days sounds more attainable to make some positive adjustments in our lives, I'm personally all for it!

Tracy and I decided that in the crazy busy days that lie ahead, we could all use some more joy.
And we thought the number seventeen is the perfect number of days to slip some joy and encouragement into your lives.  What if you could have a habit of more joy in just seventeen days? Well it's a great place to start isn't it? Please join us!

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