Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 1 Joy

The lady at the check out said it just today. "We are entering our busy season."  I knew what she meant.  But that word "busy" just hung there in my mind.

Right now is busy. My life is already like a power strip with all of the electrical sockets full of tangled cords operating from a single electrical outlet. And that already loaded down device is going to get amped-up with more things that demand my energy.

I really don't like to even use that word "b-u-s-y." It just sounds like constant hurried activity that doesn't produce much. 

The word 'busy' is actually only used a hand full of times in my Bible. Most of them in a negative sense. The one time it is used in a positive light is in Titus 2:5 " be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home..."

We all have important commitments with our families, homes, and lives. I have no desire to put guilt on you or myself. But could we agree that being busy can steal some things from us? Constant motion leaves us without energy, creativity or joy. 

Too many days I have this strange logic that I don't have time to seek silence and solitude. To withstand the demands on my life that is already full to brim I need to gain wisdom and recharge my soul battery by spending time with the One Power-source who knows what the day will hold.



To seek silence. To have a place to be quiet before the Lord.My place is a simple chair in a corner of my office. It is like a little holy place that I can run to. When I go there for even the smallest interval of time it seems to actually add time to my day and clarity to my thoughts and choices.

Under tight time constraints my Bible can fall open to the perfect verse or chapter my heart is hungry for. When I only have a few minutes to feed my soul, I might use one of my favorite devotionals.  At the very least I try to sit quiet and invite the Lord into the crazy of the day that lies ahead.  

He is the one who knows what the day holds and how to hold me together as I live it. And if I have time for social media, meetings and constant motion can I not sit for a few moments at His feet?

I realize that for some of you solitude is locking yourself in the bathroom and it's a challenge just to get a shower. God knows and He will meet you right there.

His Word says, "Meditate  within your heart .... and be still. Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, and put your trust in the Lord." Psalm 4:4-5

We are women who are looking for joy, which is a a fruit of the spirit. So we have to be connected to that Spirit.

A few years ago, just after my breast cancer diagnoses, my friend crocheted me this sweet blanket with long unfinished strands of yarn left hanging. She told me that she had purposefully left those threads to remind me that God isn't through with me yet either.  I like that reminder. When I go to my place to recharge that shawl reminds me that I'm a work in progress and that's why I need to be still and allow His power to flow freely in me.

What if over these seventeen days we ask Jesus how to choose more joy even is the busy?

We are earnestly praying for......

More Joy For Your Journey, 


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