Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day One of Seven

Four years ago I had this idea of doing 'twelve days of Christmas' for my parents. I loved the concept but was overwhelmed with the Christmas season. Yes I was too caught up with the giving and doing and going to handle one more thing.

So I ignored the prompting. 

December quickly rolled around again and the idea resurfaced. That Christmas a cloud had settled over our family as my forty-seven year old brother had just passed away in October that year of a massive heart attack. My youngest brother had passed away when he was only thirty. Their graves were side by side, in the plots my parents had purchased for their own final resting places. I knew it would be a difficult holiday. Period. 

It had to be the Lord who gave me the ideas for this Twelve Days, because the creativity just flowed easily. I made twelve cards. Each had a verse on it. My sister and I partnered so each of us took six days. We began on the 12th day of December so the last gift was delivered on the 23rd. 

We had the freedom to do whatever we felt would bless them for our day and leave a card with the verse.

Sometimes they might get taken for a drive or maybe receive a fresh baked muffin. But everyday they had a visit and gift from the heart. Every time I arrived they would be sitting in their chairs waiting like children in anticipation for their blessing.

The 12 days flew by. I honestly enjoyed it because it caused me to slow down and take time to invest in my relationship with my parents. 

That Christmas Eve my mom told me how she had been dreading the holidays. But that the Twelve Days of Christmas had given them what they needed most. Relationship and encouragement. 

Three months later my Mom passed away quite suddenly. The Twelve Days of Christmas and that holiday are now some of my most cherished memories. It brought into perspective what is really important about Christmas.

Jesus and the relationships He has given us to cultivate.

It has caused our family to desire and take steps away from the consumeristic craziness I am so well acquainted with. 

Each of us women have our own form of crazy kind of days ahead of us. As we enter the holidays Tracy and I would like to be a blessing to you in sweet ways.

We had originally planned to do a ten day series. However, our (in)courager community leaders desire that we wrap up this session by next week. 

In light of that we reconfigured our plan to "7 Days Of Gifts." 

So sweet sisters.
We are kicking this off today
by giving away a gift! 

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We love you all,

Tracy and Rhonda ♥

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  1. I like the idea of "bite sized" giving, it would be so much easier on the budget to spend more days giving something little,than the big bang of a full blown pile under the tree.