Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 17 Of More Joy For Your Journey

17 Days have flown by since we launched this "More Joy For Your Journey" series! Unbelievable really. Thank you for joining us as we have scratched the surface of what finding more joy could look like.
We talked about how taking time to be in God's Word is key to our joy. Oh sisters. Don't let the familiarity of that make you yawn. I'm praying for a fresh wind over each of us as we seek His face. Memorizing scripture is part of the foundation to walking out our days.  We all can do more of this! Choices we make, will have consequences that will definitely effect our joy. This time of year how many of us have so little white space margin of time, resources and sleep? 

I loved Tracy's idea of writing out your own Psalm. May we each be encouraged to write out our own beautiful, personal letter to God. Perhaps someday one of our loved ones will treasure it as well? We are in a battle as we live and serve. Certainly one of the main goals of the enemy of our souls is to discourage us.(take our courage)  Remember in these weeks to set aside a day of rest and worship as the Lord gave us example and command. I personally like to ask the Lord  what that looks like for me and where I'm doing my own thing on this day instead of honoring Him. 

Would you like to have 25% more joy today? Even secular studies say that is what we will have if we keep a list of our blessings. So I do hope you will take the challenge to keep a joy journal. Please, please make time for activities that refresh you in the days ahead. Like how Tracy and her friend spent time together creating beautiful things and sharing friendship. 
The True Source of joy, is Jesus. As much as Tracy and I hope you enjoyed the 17 Days and the pieces of us that we shared, more than anything we want to point you to Jesus. We do hope each of you have a personal relationship with Him. The One who left his place in Heaven and came to earth to die for our sins. His free gift is the reason for joy.

As the holiday season arrives, we would like to thank you for being so kind as to join us as we launched this blog. We are surprised how many people have dropped by to take a peek at what joy might look. And in the next week we have another surprise for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Loved every day ladies so excited to see what the Lord has in store next!!!!

  2. Thanks Renae! It's coming on Monday! Whooo Hooo!