Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 8 Joy in the Fall

When the smolder of another Tennessee Summer begins to bid adieu, a magical show of God's amazing artistry bursts forth in the countryside and ushers in my favorite time of year.  Colors of marigold, azure, magenta and crimson begin to awaken in the tops of the mountains dancing joyfully from tree to tree. 

Our yard comes alive with the dancing of leaves, the colors of Oak, Ash, Dogwood.  Birch and Walnut trees bow and bend in the brisk breeze, giving up their leaves to a green lawn that seems to welcome the spectacular show.

Oh, how I love Fall in Tennessee!  It brings great joy to be outside, enjoying the blessing of seeing the Smoky Mountain range in the distance!  Isn't it funny how when something is dying (the leaves, the flowers, the foliage, that is) that it brings forth so much joy to us, His people?!  We hear Him in the rustle of the leaves, in the low, Autumn sky, in the goodbye of the birds.  "I love you this much" we seem to hear Him say.  "I made this just for you!"

Only a loving God could dream up such a magnificent site.  We start the fire on Friday night in the backyard and gather 'round with sticks and marshmallows.  All the young ones with sticky faces, big grins.  Nothing really brings more simple joy than that.

I pray you are finding joy in the simple things of this season.  The laugh of a grandchild.  The smoosh of a marshmallow in your mouth.  The crunch of the Fall leaves under your feet

on a long walk around the neighborhood.   I pray you are finding joy in the promise that God made this season just for you.

"When you think of God's good grace, how He made this awesome place, your sad days should be so few, 'cause all the world was made for you!"

What is your favorite part of this season that is bringing you joy this Fall? 

More joy for your journey,

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