Monday, December 3, 2012

Day Six: Gifts of the Heart

Listening to my mother ponder what to purchase for her children and grandchildren this Christmas made me reflect back on last Christmas - the best Christmas - according to my children.  Because that was the Christmas morning they received the greatest gift one can give another - the gift of the heart.

My mom lives on a very limited income and she gave her grandchildren the most amazing gift that year.  No, it didn't cost a thing, not a penny, but it was priceless to the grandchildren who wept tears of love and joy as they received the precious words penned by their grandmother.

My mom had taken the time to pick out a piece of her jewelry that she wanted to give to each of her grandchildren.  And along with the ring, or tie clasp or necklace that had sentimental value to her, she had written each a letter in her own hand.  A letter that told each child how very special they were to her, and why she would always carry them in her heart.  Now, Christmas morning in our family is usually a time of crazy gift wrap flying and ribbon-yanking, and screams and squeels.  But that morning, there were no dry eyes in the group of 20 or so gathered in my great room.  That morning was a time of true love, hugs and tears of joy.  Because each had received a special piece of my mothers heart to cherish.

And cherish they do!  My girls have guarded their letters and their jewelry as if they received a gold brick from Fort Knox.  Asking us to put them up for safe keeping in the strong box.  And I remember distinctly when putting these prized possessions in the box, that inside their boxes are only one other thing.  And that is something special that was given them from their Grandfather's funeral.  No expensive electronics.  No gold coins or money.  No highly valued articles at all.  But in their boxes are the most prized possessions they own.  Pieces of the heart of those who have loved them with a sweet love that can only come from the One Above. 

So, if you are thinking of gift-giving this season and you can't come up with a perfect present (or you can't afford to buy one) why not take a moment, write a special letter in your own hand.  It's a gift that will keep on giving each and every time the paper is unfolded and the words come alive in the heart of the reader.

God took the time to write us letters.  His love is spelled out perfectly in The Bible.  Seems each time I choose to open it, His words come alive and give me a perfect gift - a display of His love for me.

Why not write your gift this year?  Are you willing to share a piece of your heart with those you love?

There's a place in my heart for each of you,

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  1. Okay, now I'm teary eyed, how wonderfully special!!!!